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This hectic world that we live in is not very harmonic anymore. It is unbalanced, and can create a lot of negative energy within a person. So, I recommend taking a little time to create some harmony in your world at home. This is called Feng Shui, and I've done it myself. It can be as simple or as complicated as you need or want it to be. Use whatever feels right for you, then get your own creative juices flowing and finish it the way you want. Whatever you do, make it an expression of your true self.

Considering the fact that many of us have neither the time nor the room, it is often easiest to create a harmonious little corner in your own bedroom. Put your journal and some favorite books on a small table next to a comfortable chair. Make sure there is ample light for reading and writing. Have a scented candle or potpourri nearby to burn while you are there. Try to make sure that the colors are soothing to the eye, and restful to your spirit. Use this space as your "quiet time" area, and take advantage of the relaxing energy.

If you have a spare bedroom, and the time, look at the possibility of creating a space for yourself in it. Make sure that whatever you do feels balanced. Also, try to keep it simple, as clutter is one of the many things that is hard on the eyes, and keeps the mind too busy for relaxation.

Some of us are outdoor people in spirit. Harmonious spaces outside can be very easy to make. All it takes is a little time. If you happen to have a green thumb, you probably already have a garden blossoming in your yard. Buy yourself a hammock, or comfortable lawn chair so you can relax outside in the company of birds and butterflies. Even if your yard is fairly bare, there are plenty of easy ways to spruce it up a little. Get a beach umbrella, and you can use it for shade if you don't have any trees. Ask a friend to help you put in a small flower bed. Do what sings of celebration to your soul!

Of course, if you have the time and inclination, you can create a whole room for your sacred space. It may be a family project, where everyone can spend time to rebuild their broken spirits. This is my ideal for when I finally have my own home, but probably a little too idealistic, and not very realistic at this point. But here is what I'd do if I had a whole room. I would make an "altar" and place a couple candles on it. There would be a mirror behind it, to reflect the light and to remind me and my family that we are a reflection of the Universal Light of Creation. I'd have comfortable throw pillows everywhere, and hang beautiful pictures on the walls. It would be a joint effort, and everyone would be welcome. We would also know and respect when someone needed time alone.

There are hundreds of books, articles and web pages out there for someone who is interested in knowing more about Feng Shui, and how to create it in your living space. It is a very interesting art, and has been practiced for centuries in China, and other parts of Asia. I hope you enjoy harmonizing with your environment!