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We've all experienced times when we've spilled pasta sauce on a new white shirt and thought we knew how to get the stain out, but it never really went away. It's not a fun process to go through. Before you pick up that sponge and soap and dab a little at your shirt, consider these tips.
-Read the care tags on your clothes.
Do this even before you buy a garment. The federal government requires all clothes to be labeled with tips on how to properly clean them. You'll want to check it out to make sure you can properly clean the garment. Some clothes are designated "dry clean only" or "do not put in a drier." Pay special attention to these directions, because if you can't properly care for your clothes, do you really want to invest your money in them?
- If you stain your clothes, simply using water may not be the best way to clean them.
Water can loosen the stain. But if you rub the water in, you're only spreading the stain around in a larger area and perhaps are just creating a big ring of dirt that looks worse than initial blob of food you dropped on yourself.
- Do not rub silk.
Rubbing clothes made out of silk in order to clean them will ruin your clothes. Cleaning these garments are best left up to professionals. If you rub silk, the fibers will break, and your clothes won't be in as good a condition.
- Wool needs to be deep cleaned.
When you spill something on wool, the spillage goes deep into the fibers. This means you need to either scrub hard and for a long time to get the stain out–or simply put it in your washing machine.
- If you spill bathroom chemicals on your clothes, you need to pay special attention.
Bathroom chemicals may be transparent on your clothes at first, but you still need to respond immediately. These products will stain your clothes later when they become visible.
- Put your perfume and cologne on before you put your clothes on.
The alcohol in these products can damage certain fabrics, including silk. If you simply make yourself smell good before you make yourself look good, you can avoid problems.