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You don't have to have a fortune to entertain with class and style. All it takes is a little planning and a few trips to a thrift store, garage sale or an estate sale or two! You can pick up napkins, extra dishes, all sorts of things to set a pretty table for a song and still have money left for flowers and candles. They are very important and a decorating must!

Flowers can be in a mason jar or an art deco vase or laying in a basket. You can get them from your garden or the supermarket or a nearby field, but get them! They are very important and like candles, they add class. Candles can be short, tall, square or round, scented or just plain and you can group them together, and use up all those little stumps you've been savimg!

Music is good too, but soft and tasteful.

You can add muffins and biscuits to round out a meal, and get a little fancy by adding a little dollop of jam or jelly to the batter or dried fruit. Keep a shaker of dried cheese, and dried fruit on the counter to add to dishes such as vegetable casseroles and desserts. Desserts can be fruit in small pretty dishes (garage sale) with pudding, or a real fancy dish of vanilla ice cream with armeretto. Scrumptious!

Your entree could be meat loaf, and it will taste like prime rib, if the surroundings are pleasing to the eye.

While you're out shopping for bargains, look for goblets, large white dinner napkins, and small condiment dishes, which altogether, go towards as great dining experience. Also check department stores for seasonal items when they go on sale after the holidays. They come in handy the following year and they ridiculously cheap! Have a great time being a hostess and doing it inexpensively!