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This is the dry cleaning process. After marking and sorting your clothes on basis of color and material type, the cleaner put them into a dry cleaning machine, it is almost like a washing machine except that it uses special solvents instead of water. After the clothes have gone through the dryer, the operator removes stains from them. Some operators do not use the right chemicals to remove the stain, then the clothes is put on a form to steamed from the inside to preserved finish. Below are some guidelines in what you need to know about dry cleaners and what to look for before you bring your garments to be processed.

What to look for in a dry cleaner:

Suits should be put on shoulders shapers. Fancy dresses and gowns should be on torso dummies. Blouses and shirts should be stuffed with tissues paper at the shoulders, except for pants and plain skirts, each piece should be bagged separately.

Make sure dry cleaner is insured if you intent to be a frequent customer or if you intend to store a large amount of clothing.

Taking precautions:

Real all care label clothes before bringing them, many clothes can't be dry-cleaned at all. Do not dry-clean clothing with printed lettering or with rubber, nylon or plastic parts.

Examine your clothes before bringing them to the cleaner. Point out stains and ask whether or not it can be removed. Tell the cleaner what causes the stain. Always bring stained clothing to the cleaner as soon as possible. Old stains are harder to remove. Don't wash your clothes and then bring them to the cleaner's for pressing. The saving is minimal.

Bring the whole suit to the cleaner to be cleaned. Colors may be undergo subtle change in the dry-cleaning process. Check all pockets and remove everything. A pen left in a pocket ruin your suit and any garment.

*Don't request same-day service unless absolutely necessary. Rushed cleaners do a sloppy job.