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There are some basic checkpoints to remember in order to help keep your home safe from intruders.They are so easy that anyone can do them, and they apply to an apartment dwelling as well as to a house.

Check the locks on all of the windows and outside entry doors. These are the main access into your home by burglers and thieves. Don't forget to check your basement windows and doors. Make sure all fo the locks are in good working condition and are the proper type of locks to offer the most protection for you and your family. External door locks should be made of hardened steel and should be the dead bolt type. This type of lock offers maximum protection.

Standard window locks can easily be pried open or jimmied. It is recommended that you replace them with a better grade of lock. As an economical alternative, you can purchase special lock-type hardware for each of the windows in your home. This hardware offers additional protection to already existing locks.

Sliding glass patio doors offer an easy way for entry into your home. You can help deter theives in this way by installing protective locks on the doors. For an economical alternative, simply jam part of a broomstick into the inside track of the door. This will successfully prevent unwanted intruders.

Have you ever seen the fake rocks or thermometers that hang on the outside of your house? They are hollow inside so that an extra house or apartment key can be kept inside in case you forget to take yours when you go out. Using these, as well as leaving a spare house key underneath the door mat, are a common mistake made by lots of people. The possibility of a burgler finding the key is too great when you consider that a professional knows all of the tricks of the trade. Instead of hiding your valuable keys around the outside of your house, consider giving an extra key to a nearby neighbor for safekeeping. Make sure this neighbor is reliable and trustworthy. This way, the key can be retrieved if needed without worrying about a burgler finding it.

Speaking of keys, have you recently moved into your house or apartment? How many people have keys to your home? Just you and your family? Are you sure? It will be costly, but a good preventative measure is t have all of the door locks changed. That way, you can be sure that you and your family are the only possessors of a key to your home. If you rent a house or apartment, talk to your landlord about this. It is a reasonable request for the safety of you and yur family.

Installing a wide angle peephole in all of the entry doors is another wise and fairly cheap way that you can help to protect your home. Chain locks are flimsy and can be busted easily, oo don't rely on them to keep you safe and secure. With a peephole, you can keep yur door safely locked and still see who is outside wanting to come in. After all, you want to be the one who decide who enters your house or apartment. Don't leave that decision to chance or to a burgler.