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Inevitably, it seems we get those ugly stains on our garage floor or our driveway. There are those who are disinterested ¡§couldn¡¦t care less,¡¨ however there are those of us who abhor that ugly black stain. We keep pretty flowers growing to be seen by those who pass by our home, and the lawn mowed, everything manicured nicely and we frankly do not need the negative distraction. So what can we do?

On your porch or patio, if grease or oil has been spilled often from our outdoor grill, apply cornmeal, or sawdust to soak up as much as is possible. Leave it overnight and sweep up.

In the garage, it would be a good idea to place a shallow pan under your automobile that is loosing oil or fluid. You may also place sawdust or sand under the car, but will need to be removed as it looses it absorbency. You might want to get your vehicle fixed!

Removing Grease Stains.
„h Use a commercial product, these can be found many places perhaps from a local hardware store. Follow directions on package.
„h Use a grease solvent, making sure you have a well-ventilated area, as solvent is very flammable! In some cases, just a spark can cause a fire.
„h Sprinkle ¡§dishwasher¡¨ detergent on the concrete; make sure you wet it first. Let it set 30 minutes and then pour boiling water on area. Scrub and rinse the area off. You may want to use rubber gloves.
„h Scrub stains with a stiff bristled brush, after placing a concentrated detergent worked into suds, onto the stain.