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There are many advantages to doing your laundry at a coin operated facility. If you remember a few things you can get good results.

* Remember to check your pockets for pens, lipstick, gum, candy or anything else that might melt or leak in the wash.

* Turn clothes right side out and make sure all stains are exposed. Pre-treat old or particularly bad spots with a good laundry pre-treating product. They can really help get out tough stains.

* Separate lights from darks. Dark clothes, namely reds and blacks sometimes bleed especially the first time you wash them. Try to wash all reds together, separate from any other colors. New blue jeans can also sometimes bleed
color into the water, so you want to make sure not to wash them with anything lighter.

* Separate lightweight delicates like blouses, underwear and lingerie from heavy clothes such as jeans. It’s a good idea to place things such as bras, pantyhose and other lacy items in a mesh bag to prevent them from getting tangled and ripped. You can find these bags in the laundry section of most grocery stores.

* Read the instructions for the machine carefully and use proper amounts of soap or cleaning solvent.

* Make sure you don’t overload the machine. Pile clothes loosely on top of each other until the washer is full. This will ensure adequate agitation and, thus, efficient dirt removal. If you pack the clothing in too tightly, your
clothes might not all come clean.

* Follow manufacturer’s suggestions for hanging or drying your clothing to prevent wrinkling.