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You are in a hurry and put the clothes in the dryer early while getting ready to go to work. That favorite blouse or shirt will be dry by the time you are? Well good luck, because your dryer has a problem. "Someone" and we won’t name names, has ignored this pathetic piece of machinery for way to long, and it is rebelling. When you pull that item out at the critical hour it is still damp! Off you go to pick out another piece of clothing that is not what you really wanted to wear at all. The whole day is less than perfect because the blouse or shirt you are wearing, embarrassingly, does not match. And so goes your day!

New Dryer Setup
When you purchase your clothes dryer there are a few important steps you will need to take. A more rigid venting hose is more desirable because they last longer and are less likely to “kink.” Vent hoods opening at least 4 inches are more efficient than smaller openings. Make sure the length is appropriate, no more than 20 ft to the outside vent hood. If it is too long the drying time will be longer. Remember to vent your dryer to the outside, the lint that will blow out is very combustible

Notice the placement of the exhaust opening on the new dryer. This is important to check because you may not be able to run the venting hose to your existing vent hole, outdoors. Place your dryer in an area that is reasonably warm. Your dryer will work more efficiently in an area that stays no lower than 50 degrees.

Good Working Order
“My dryer is not working well it takes forever to dry.” Check a few of the possible problems listed below.

* Moisture sensors located just in side the door or drum baffles need cleaning, they may be coated with fabric softener.
* A door seal could be a problem, and is not sealing well. These can be removed easily and another one glued on. Ask your dealer for the special nonflammable glue adhesive. If the seal in your dryer is mounted between the cabinet and drum you will need to have it serviced by a professional.
* Your venting system may be clogged with lint and this is keeping wet items from drying successfully. You can check by placing your hand over the outside vent. You should feel a strong surge of warm air. Use a clothes hanger and push it up the vent (carefully) to remove packed lint. Do with caution as you may puncture a plastic vent hose. You may also want to remove the hose from the back of the dryer and shake out the accumulated lint. This should be done at least one time each year.
* Is your vent hose crooked? Kinks collect water and lint and will obstruct the flow of air
* Do you hear a thumping sound? A slow thump probably indicates the need for a new drive belt. Many thumps repeated quickly are probably a worn support roller.

To run your dryer efficiently
1. Dry one load immediately after another, this takes advantage of the heat retained in your dryer.
2. Do not place wet clothes on ones that are already dry.
3. Do not waste energy by under loading or over loading your machine.
4. Separate your clothes to be dried heavy together, and light together.
5. Clean the lint filter after each use!

These are a few simple things you may do to save time and stress, and keep your expensive dryer running as long as possible. It takes a little extra time in our busy life, but in the long run will pay.