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Does your closet look like a tornado hit it? Is everthing messy and unorganized? If it is...don't worry. With a little time and effort, your closet can be neat, clean and organized.

First of all, go through your closet, throurougly, and get rid of anything you haven't used or worn in a year. This includes anything you are waiting to wear after you lose weight, anything you are waiting for to come into style or anything you think you will need as soon as you throw it out.

Believe me, if it hasn't been worn or used in a year, it's probably never going to be. Whatever clothing and shoes are still in good shape can be packed away and given to charity, such as Goodwill or The Salvation Army.

Now it's time to work with what's left. Get everything into wearable or usable condition. This means ironing or repairing (sewing on buttons, fixing broken zippers, etc.) clothes that are in less than wearable condition. You want everything in your closet to be readily avaible to you.

You want to organize clothing into categories. You can do this either by color or piece type. You may decide you want all your black clothes together or you might find it more efficient to have all you suits, pants, shirts grouped together.

Either way you do it, this catagorizing of clothes will automatically make your closet more organized and neater. Make sure to pay attention to detail as you are organizing. This means shirts and blouses should be buttoned (helps to keep their shape) and all zippers should be zipped.

Using the correct hangers is very important when organizing your closet. For delicate shirts and blouses, use padded hangers. For pants, use pants hanger that allow pants to hang down instead of folding them over a hanger. Following these simple steps will help to maintain the condition of your clothes.

On to shoes...if you have room in your closet, I strongly recommend shoe bags or racks. There are several styles of both that are sold at discount stores. This will keep your shoes organized and each pair together.

The final part of organizing your closet is to find a place for your accessories. Belts and/or scarves have a place in your closet. There are a couple of options for organizing them. One option is to hang belts and scarves from a hanger. Put the tip (the hook part) of the hanger through the belt buckles and you will able to fit several on each hanger. Drape (after folding) scarves over the bottom of a good quality plastic hanger. Then hang in your closet.

The other option, if you have adequate room in your closet, is to put up hooks. You can buy self sticking hooks at just about any drugstore or hardware store. Attach them to the side of your closet and hang your belts and scarves from them. You can also use these hooks to hang pocketbooks from.

Finally, remember to periodically (about once a month) go through your closet and see if it needs a little work. The cleaner and neater you keep it, the less you will have to organize. The best part of having an organized closet is being able to see and find everthing you need, whenever you need it.