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Have you ever walked into a room that seemed to suck the energy out of you? I'm sure that if you think back a time or two you will recall something of the sort. Rooms are much like the people who live in them. Rooms are absorbers of energy they take in and store whatever mood you happen to be in. Say for example you are someone who is a positive person, your room might be positively charged. If you are a negative person then too the room would absorb this negative energy. You've probably had that kind of "Feeling" before when you walked into a room that something negative happened there, especially in older homes, what you are feeling are impressions of the stored energy that are embedded within. Unfortunately positively charged rooms are not noticed as much because they feel right, negatively charged rooms do not.

To cleanse a room you'll only need a few simple things. First you need a white candle, some incense, and a good positive frame of mind. The first thing that you need to do is immediately take a shower. Taking a shower helps to remove negative energy from your body. When taking the shower imagine that every drop of water is cleansing energy, imagine that this energy is raining down upon you and cleaning your body of any negative energy.

When done with the shower, immediately light the white candle and incense. Open one of the windows in the room, only one. Picture the room filled with positive life affirming energy. Visualize a bright light encompassing the room filling the room with its energy. After you feel you have added enough positive energy to the room hold the candle in your hands or in a candleholder and walk around the room. Picture the white light of the candle going everywhere that you walk in the room, shinning, cleaning and protecting. Walk around a few times with the candle.

Some of you might find it more helpful to chant as you walk as it helps keep your mind focused upon what you are trying to do. If you chant while doing this keep the chant the same. All that is really important is to picture the light cleansing every square inch of the room. Walk around the room in a clock wise way. Visualize all the negative energy being forced out the open window.

After you have completed your ritual with the candle, next take the stick of incense and walk around the room a few times and visualize it purifying the room, adding ambiance. The last thing to do after you are sure your done and after you feel like you have completed the task is to clap your hands. By clapping your hands you seal the room in what you have just completed.