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You want to paint your home but don't want to hire someone to paint it for you. When trying to decide what kind of paint you should get for your home, you need to consider the surfaces that you'll be painting, the other colors in the areas you'll be painting.

• Look at what other colors are in your room. Generally the paler and lighter the colors, the larger your room will look. And the darker and deeper your colors, the smaller your room will be. But it's often the darker, deeper colors that give your home warmth and style.
• Find out what kind of surface you'll be painting. Is it a wood wall? Cement? Tile? The type of surface you'll be painting will determine what kind of paint you'll need and how much of it you'll want to buy.
• Decide what trim color you'll use. If you have different colors in different rooms, the colors will make the trim color appear to be different. You can use the same trim for each room. A good rule of thumb is to keep the trim a lighter color than your wall color.
• Look at the style of architecture. Depending on the style of the room or home, there may be certain colors that are natural fits.
• Talk with a paint expert. Once you've made your determinations for which rooms should be painted which colors, take your color decisions to someone at a paint store to have them put the colors into their computer. Talk with them about your concerns.
• Take some paint samples. Once you've chosen your colors, take some of the paints and try it out. Paint a small three-by-three-foot area of your walls with the paint. Take a step back and make sure it's the right color and shade for your tastes and walls.
• Buy quality paint. Your best bet is to buy the best paint on the market. This is paint that will generally last the longest, cover your previous paint the best, and won't crack and peel as easily.