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When a child is born parents have the privilege and responsibility to keep them safe. This growing stage of a child is very important. Chances of accidents and injuries are much greater at this age. Kidnapping may also happens sometimes.

There are cases of accidents like burning, swallowing pesticides, medicines, and small objects, and falling as well.

Most of the time babies are with their mother. They will try to imitate their mother. If a mother is using the gas he will play with the gas cylinder. Don’t allow him to play with that. Electrical gadgets must be safe always. When it became damaged replace electrical leads. Don’t let them play with the gadgets or electric plugs. For children's wear always use cotton clothes instead of nylon or synthetic clothes.

Do not keep petrol or any other inflammable things inside the house. Be careful about all types of cleaning materials like bleach, cleaning fluids and detergent. Accidental poisoning may happen sometimes. Keep all types of medicines inside a cupboard. When a child is three or four years old he has a habit of swallowing whatever he can get hold of. Small objects like safety pins, buttons, and coins are very interesting things for babies. They will take these things and straight away try to put them in his mouth, causing damage and injury.

Falling is a common accident with babies. When he tries to stand he falls frequently: it is normal. Climbing steps is dangerous at this age: top and bottom gates will prevent this danger from happening. Don’t leave a child inside the bathroom alone with a bucketful of water or don’t go to take the phone when the baby is alone inside the bathroom.