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For many years all we knew about our pool cleaning options was the word chlorine. We have another alternative, which a lot of people are not aware of. Not until some investigative work was done on pool cleaners did information about a hydrogen peroxide based pool cleaner come forward.

Chlorine has a derivative known as bromine. Quite a few people do not know this and when asked if they use chlorine to clean their pool, they answer no, they use bromine. Chemically, the two products perform the same function.

Chlorine and bromine have their advantages as well as disadvantages. The advantages are economical and time saving. All you need to do is drop those pills into your pool water and wait for them to dissolve. Now the disadvantages: chlorine levels may vary throughout the day and require additional chlorine. Because of this, bacteria levels will fluctuate greatly. Chlorine leaves a strong smell to your pool water, bleaches out your swimsuit, clothes, hair and skin, burns your eyes and is not safe if accidentally swallowed. If your pet goes swimming in your pool, you must wash them off immediately because the ill effect chlorine has on their skin. Chlorine also dissipates from the ultra-violet rays of the sun.

Hydrogen peroxide has many advantages – does not bleach out your clothes, swimsuit, skin and hair. The water is very refreshing and does not burn your eyes. The water smells like almonds if you use too much cleaner. If your pets take a swim, all you need to do is hose them off and they will be fine. Hydrogen peroxide based cleaners dissipate from pool usage and not as a result of the ultra-violet rays of the sun. In addition, it offers consistent protection against bacteria for one to two weeks.

If you are currently using a chlorine derivative pool cleaner and want to change over to a hydrogen peroxide based cleaner, check with your local pool store that carries both products on how to change your system over. It is very important that you never mix the chlorine and hydrogen peroxide cleaners as a violent chemical reaction can occur releasing chlorine gas into the air.

While hydrogen peroxide based pool cleaners are hard to find and the cost is approximately one third more per usage than chlorine based pool cleaning agents, it is an alternative for people who have chlorine allergies and sensitivities.