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Spark plugs are what ignites the fuel in an engine. If you don’t have proper spark plugs, your engine won’t work correctly. They’re simple to replace. But before you do that, you will want to check out the spark plugs to gain clues as to how your engine is running.

· If your spark plug is light brown and dusty, your four-cycle engine is doing just fine.
· If your spark plug turned black from powder deposits, that means the air-gasoline combination you’re using to run your engine probably has more gasoline in it than it really should. It could also mean that your air filter is dirty or that your ignition system is going down hill and should be replaced soon.
· If your electrodes are black and wet, you probably have old piston rings that should be replaced. You may also have a bad fuel-oil mixture. You’ll likely only see this in a two-cycle engine. Other possible problems are that you have a dirty air filter.
· If you have yellow, white, or brown deposits on your electrodes, you may have a clogged muffler or exhaust ports. You want to clean those out before you use them again, so your engine runs properly.
· If you have white blisters appearing on your electrodes, you may have clogged cooling fins. You should clean those out. Another possible problem is that you have don’t have enough fuel in your air-gasoline combination.

How to replace your spark plugs
· Take the spark plug cable apart and take out the spark plug with a socket on a socket wrench. If you keep the socket squared on the spark plug, you’ll avoid any kinds of problems.
· Put the new plug on and test the coils. Attach a cable to the plug and hold the threaded end to the engine black. When you start the engine, you should get a strong spark. If you don’t, the spark plug you’re installing may be faulty.