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Centipedes are attracted to damp areas and do not like light. Unfortunately, unless you are very lucky or very rich there is likely to be some area of your house that is affected in this way. Although there are obvious reasons for not wanting any centipedes in your home, they should not be regarded as an absolute nuisance, because they readily devour other insects and spiders, saving you the job of controlling them.
Keeping centipedes out of the home is achieved by addressing those areas that are damp and dark. These arthropods are usually found trapped in the bath or in the washbasin, having got in through a crack. To prevent this happening you must dry and clean those suspect areas, to deter the pest from inhabiting that area. A further measure of pest control is to put down some insecticide in the trouble area, which further deters the centipede.
Another way of keeping centipedes out of the home is to address the problem from outside the house. Remove any organic debris and mulch from immediately around the house and try to keep this area as dry as possible. Again, it is a good idea to use an insecticide in this area to deter the centipede.
If you are plagued by a lot of centipedes in the home, you could well have a serious damp problem that needs looking into. Should you ever encounter a centipede in the home, it is best to use a dustpan and brush to remove it to the outdoor environment, rather than stamping on it and vacuuming it up!