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One of the most pleasurable investments in a home is carpeting. Sinking your feet into these plush, cushioned rugs will make any homeowner sigh. But carpet can be one of the greatest causes for concern. Wear and tear of daily traffic will begin to show on even the most expensive carpet. Attempting to block permanent stains will drive anyone into a frenzy. Here are a few tips that will perk up your carpet and remove those unsightly stains.
To begin, always check the manufactures tips on cleaning to ensure you can use products on your carpet without doing permanent damage. To brighten dull carpet add 1\2 cup Simple Green to shampooing solution. For stubborn dirt stains pretreat with undiluted Simple Green before shampooing. Candle wax can be removed from carpet by using newspaper and a warm iron. Lay several sheets of paper over the wax and apply iron to the paper. As the wax melts replace the paper until it is evident that all the wax has been lifted. Be very careful not to overheat the carpet when doing this since some, like nylon, will melt.
It is always wise to clean such stains as, food, red wine, coffee, koolaide, blood, immediately by removing the excess with a sponge and cold water. Flush the area with cold water and sponge away any excess fluid. If the stain persist, add one tablespoon of ammonia to two cups of warm water to clean food stains. Allow any remaining blood stains to dry and then flush with hydrogen peroxide. If red wine and koolaide residue is left after the initial removal, the use of a dry cleaning fluid may be necessary. Allow the cleaning fluid to dry and brush away with a small brush. Coffee and tea stains will usually lift if flushed with Simple Green.
Ink stains should be flushed with water and blotted dry with a soft, dry cloth. Apply cornstarch and allow to sit for ten minutes before removing. Then flush with a solution of milk and water. If the stain persist, apply a paste of cornmeal and milk and allow to remain over night. Gum should be treated by first removing the excess. This can be done by applying an ice cube and then breaking away the hardened pieces. If the gum has worked into the pile apply vaseline and work in thoroughly. When the gum begins to break up, apply a few drops of liquid detergent and work it out of the pile with a toothbrush. Most burns in carpet will need to be repaired by a professional. But small scorched areas can be removed by clipping the blackened area away and rubbing in a soapy solution applied with a sponge. Grease stains will respond well to liquid soap applied full strength.