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Carpets being carpets will eventually and probably soon…. need some sort of cleaning. Some will need attention more often than others, depending on the traffic and who is the “traffictor,” (to coin a phrase)for example, your small child running on your carpet, after having a blast in the mud? On the other hand,a neat little grandmother who is meticulous may need her cleaned less.

The most usual methods of cleaning carpet are dry absorbent powder, foam, shampooing, and steam cleaning. The carpet must be thoroughly vacuumed before cleaning. It is always a good idea to pretest an out of sight portion of your carpet before beginning.

Furniture legs can cause rust stains when damp; consequently, aluminum foil or plastic should be placed under the legs. The carpet should not be too wet this could cause mildew or shrinkage.

Mixing Your Own Carpet Shampoo
This works best for carpets that are lightly soiled. Use 2 tablespoons of dish detergent to 2 cups water that is warm. Beat to form thick heavy suds. Never use strong household cleaners on carpets, this could damage the fibers and leaves a sticky substance that grabs hold of soil.

The dry suds should be applied to small areas at a time with a damp sponge. Use a spatula to “scrape’ the soiled suds off of the carpet. Rinse with clean water. Overlap as you clean so as not to miss any spots. Allow the carpet to dry completely and then vacuum.

This is a procedure that takes a lot of energy, however does save money. If the carpet is soiled deeply you may want to consider renting a carpet cleaning machine, and commercial shampoo. The commercial blend is formulated to be more effective in removing harder to clean areas.