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Glassware and china are not used every day; however, they are usually cherished. Perhaps they were gifts from someone we care for a great deal. Setting our table with their brilliant beauty gives a feeling of elegance. Costly and “special” with good memories attached, they deserve particular care.

Hot foods should not be placed in your glassware unless it is treated specifically to be heat resistant. Crystal is sensitive to extreme heat and cold.

When china plates are stored, use padding between each plate to protect them. Padded containers are available on the market, for the other pieces of your glassware and china.

Paper towels or napkins may be used to pad between plates

Plastic bags large enough to hold several different pieces will work for storage however, make sure to close the bag securely.

To avoid chipping and possible breakage, avoid placing directly into the sink. Place a towel, rubber pad or use a plastic container. The divider between the sink should be padded also with a towel or rubber matting of some sort. Choose a mild detergent and avoid too many suds.

Stemware can be broken easily by holding the stem, hold the bowel as you wash gently inside and out. If food is stuck on the glass, do not scrap it. Let is soaking a while in the warm water and it will loosen to be safely remove. Baking soda is the only safe product to use for scouring. The sink should not be crowded with too many items.

Rinse in container of hot water, the bottom covered with some sort of padding. The glassware should drain on a cushioned surface. If rinsed well the glasses should dry without drip-marks. If you want a “sparkle,” take the time to dry with a soft lint free cloth.

It is not suggested that you wash your crystal and china in an automatic dishwasher. Glassware washed in a dishwasher can develop a cloudy film. This may be caused by very hard water. You should use the maximum amount of detergent advised, or install a water softener. Rinse the glassware gently in a little vinegar water and polish with a soft cloth, and this should remove the film.