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Candle wax is a popular stubborn stain. For effective stain removal upon carpets, linen, upholstery and wood follow the guidelines below:


*Scrape off the excess deposit. Remove the remainder by placing a sheet of brown or absorbent kitchen paper over the area and iron gently. Do not let the iron touch the pile as it may scorch and melt. Continue until all the wax has been absorbed. Keep moving the paper around for maximum absorption. Clear and remaining colour of stain with methylated spirits or Carpet Devils No 1.

Table Linen/Washable fabrics

*Scrape away the surface deposit using the back of a blunt knife. Place clean kitchen paper on both sides of the stain and melt out the remaining wax using a warm iron. Launder as normal using a hot wash.


*Melt out with a moderately hot iron and white absorbent paper. Remove any remaining colour by dabbing with methylated spirits. On pile fabrics try removing the deposit by rubbing lightly with a cloth or melt out by placing the absorbent paper on the pile and ironing the reverse side if possible.

Wooded Floors/surfaces

*Chip away the wax taking care not to damage the wood underneath and either side. Use a wooden spatula. Remove the remaining film with a duster and polish as normal. If heat marking has occurred rub along the grain with a metal polish.