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Exterior doors: Many residential doors feature hollow-core construction and poor locks. They are easily forced or kicked open. If you desire additional protection, you need solid doors and quaility locks.

Sliding doors: Many burglars enter homes through poorly protected sliding doors. Screws installed in the track above the sliding doors will prevent the door from being lifted out of the track. Drill a hole in the top track above and slightly in, from each corner of the sliding door frame section and install a screw into each hole. Adjust the screws so that the head of the screw just barely clears the frame when moved back and forth.

Double doors: These doors need to be solid security as they are easily jimmied open. Flush lever bolts installed at the top and bottom are recommended. The bolt should be mounted on a solid door frame.

Doors with windows: Doors with windows require a double key deadbolt. The key to a double key deadbolt should be left in the lock at all times when someone is home, in case of a fire or emergency.

Garage doors: These should be secured with cane bolts and hasps.

Hinges: Door hinges should always be inside the home to prevent them being removed from the outside and allowing the burglar to gain entry into your home.

Door viewers should be installed, to allow you to see who is at the door before opening it.

Spring latches are of little good as they can be opened by using a credit card or knife.

Deadbolt locks are the best sorce of protection; they are sturdy and hard to open without the key.

Rim locks cannot be easily slipped, pried, or forced open with a wrench. This lock requires a strong mounting as do all locks.

Padlocks should be used on your garage doors, storage sheds, fence gates, or tool boxes, do not economize. Low priced locks are made of low quailty materials and can easily be pried open or cut.

Sliding Windows should be give the same security treatment as sliding doors.

Crank Windows are easily secured. The latch should close properly with the window tight. With the latch closed, drill a hole through the latch frame and handle, then insert a metal pin or nail,through the hole to lock the window in place.

Double hung windows can also be secured with the pin. Drill a hole at an angle through the top frame of the lower window partially into the frame of the upper window. Then just insert the pin. The window can't be opened until you remove the pin.

All of the above should help you sleep better at night or when you are away from home.