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Many types of birds will roost or nest either under eaves, in wall voids or in other areas around the home. Starlings, pigeons, and sparrows may be a particular nuisance.

Most birds are harmless and pleasant to have around the home. However, other birds such as those mentioned above can cause problems. They will build nests in chimneys, on ledges, rafters and eves. They will roost and nest in drainpipes and similar locations hospitable to nests.

Once a bird has set up shop around your home, it will often return to the same nesting spot year after year. Aside from their nests and chirping, if your home becomes a haven for birds you should be aware of their droppings. Birds can transmit several diseases to humans such as aspergillosis, encephalitis, histoplasmosis and pigeon ornithosis.

Once you find a bird infested area, you can use a bird-repellent adhesive or jelly around areas they roost or utilize screens to keep them out of specific areas. Make sure you have cleaned up any vegetation or dried weeds that would make good nesting materials, and be sure to keep these things away from the home and any vicinity where you don’t want birds. You can place wood flashings or those made of metal or plastic at a 45-degree angle on nesting and roosting areas and if the problem becomes severe you can either trap or poison the birds. If you are considering these options, consult a licensed pest-control operator or local agency for regulations in your town or city.