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Cold weather driving can cause excessive stress on your tires. If you live in a northern climate and experience snow in winters, you may want to consider investing in snow tires. These are tires that are specifically designed to operate best in the snow. But if you're switching your traditional tires to snow tires, make sure your snow tires are the same size and of the same design and build. If you'll have radial tires on the front of your car, never put bias or belted bias snow tires on the rear.

Another option is to put chains on your tires in the snowy months. If you do use chains, you need to make sure they fit your tires tightly and appropriately. If they don't fit right, they can not only cause problems when you're driving down the road, but they can damage the sides of your tires.

It's essential that you frequently check your tire pressure in the winter months. Tire pressure is greatly affected by temperature. Every time the temperature drops 10 degrees, the pressure in your tire drops about one PSI. You need to make sure you keep your tires properly inflated.

Some people purposely reduce the pressure in tires in order to improve traction when driving on ice or snow. But, guess what? Research shows this tactic doesn't work. And it may do more harm than good, as it can cause damage to your tires because you've got improperly inflated tires.

Drivers also occasionally get stuck in snow in the winter months. If one of your tires won't go anywhere, don't panic and hit the accelerator in hopes you'll get out of your rut. This may be detrimental, as tires have been known to blow up when experiencing this, and you'll be in a worse position than you were originally.

Of course, you need to take other things into consideration when traveling in winter, as well. You want to check your anti-freeze level regularly and make sure your vehicle is properly maintained. Keeping a first aid kit with flash lights and flares is also a good idea. No matter how well prepared you are, there's always a chance of disaster when you least expect it.