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With just a little bit of imagination (and information), you can turn a daily cleansing into a bath to remember.

Temperature is a factor in determining the type of bath you might desire. For increased perspiration and breathing rate, reduction of fevers and elimination of toxins, consider taking a hot bath -- usually somewhere between 38C-40C degrees. Don't over do it by staying in the water longer than about 10 to 15 minutes. After you step out, wrap up in blankets and treat yourself to a hot herbal tea drink.

A warm bath (27C-34C) allows for indulgence in relaxation as you soak from 20 minutes up to one hour! Can't you just feel the calming effect already?

Cold baths should only be a 2-5 minute dip in and out. The coolness of the water (21C-27C) helps to improve breathing and muscle tone, decrease fatigue, improve thyroid function and skin tone, and even helps to relieve constipation!

For some fun, take a bubble bath! Be sure not to stay in too long, though, because the "soap" is usually detergent-based and has a tendency to overdry skin. Applying a moisturizer after a bubble bath will help prevent dryness.

Many people find that a bath with epsom salts is refreshing and helps to take the "weariness" out of the body. You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (with the epsom salts) to this warm bath while the water is running.

Have you ever tried a honey bath? This is an old remedy for helping one to get to sleep as well as a skin softener. Simply mix a tablespoon of honey with some warm water until runny, then pour into a warm bath and swish!

If you've got dry, itchy skin, why not try a vinegar bath? Use either one-half cup cider vinegar or herbal vinegar.

And what if you're just plain dirty? You might want to consider a salt bath. It is advisable to take a quick shower first as the salt prevents the soap from lathering. Then, as the water is being drawn for the bath, add two cups of cooking salt. A warm bath provides the best results; skin that feels fresh, stimulated and silky.

Just remember -- whatever your choice -- relax and enjoy!