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Consider all the unused space in your bathroom. Why not store essentials in a less than ample bathroom with handy containers that fit into found space? The key is using space to your best advantage.

Mounting containers and racks on the wall can enhance storage. Many kitchen storage devices also work in bathrooms, hanging from doors or shelves. Towel racks attached to the wall take up very little space and swing out of the way when necessary. Moveable shelving units are perfect bathroom accessories. These shelves hold lots of supplies and the rubber coated wire shelves won’t rust or mildew in a damp bathroom. Plus, storing bath towels out in plain sight adds another color element to the bathroom.

Hanging wire baskets taken from the kitchen hold supplies within reaching distance. Because they hang from the ceiling, they can be placed where there is no useable wall space available, such as in front of a window or in a tight corner. Shelving units hung inside the vanity door add neat possibilities for storing tools and cleansers or odd pieces that just will not fit anywhere else.

When storage space is at a premium, store shower essentials on a valet. Shelves fitted to a floor to ceiling tension pole hold soaps, sponges and shampoos right at your fingertips. If this size accessory is too big for the space, look for caddies that hang over the shower head. Waterproof clocks and radios can hang there too. Another option for instant hanging is an individual corner rack that sticks to the wall with suction cups. Another possibility for creating a storage area is the back of the bathroom door. Hang wire grid shelving over the door to create found space for toiletries and towels.

Baskets decorate a room as well as provide instant storage. Hang them up on walls or place them on countertops. Rectangular of flat backed baskets work best. Fill them with any bathroom items you need to have handy. Carry the wicker theme over to the laundry basket, which can stand in a narrow corner. Wicker baskets are easily attached to walls, but look for wall studs to hold nails and support weight. Add a fabric lining to the basket to create a stylish finish.

Use a wooden coat rack with pegs to hang towels on the wall, it will save space and, with a coat of paint, adds a decorative splash of color to the room. Paint some pegboard and attach S-hooks for hanging colorful plastic baskets to hold towels, toiletries or a hair dryer.

Add a fabric skirt to a free standing sink for under sink storage. Cabinet carousels are great for under the vanity goods. If you have small children around the house, be sure to use child proof locks on cabinet doors. They are easy to install and fit most door fixtures. These safety features are also important for homes with curious pets.