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Asbestos is a mineral found naturally in the world. It is typically in rocks and soil and traditionally has been used in construction, because it is so strong and is a good insulator. It has served several purposes that many other substances don't serve, and it is found in nature. But over time, humans have discovered that asbestos has a severely negative aspect. It can be harmful to your health.

Why is asbestos dangerous?
While asbestos is a natural mineral, it can cause lung cancer. You don't want to ingest asbestos. The fibers will enter your lungs and will build up over time as more and more asbestos is ingested. If you simply have asbestos in your home and you don't work around or with it, there's likely no problem. However, your risk in this case is still unclear. But if you are involved with the construction or removal of asbestos, you put yourself at risk. Being exposed to asbestos over a long period of time can cause lung and stomach cancers. Asbestos is traditionally found around furnaces and pipes in older homes and in some flooring and ceiling materials. It may also be in your roof shingles, home siding and even inside the door of your oven.

How do you solve the asbestos problem in your home or workplace?
If you're doing work around a place you suspect contains asbestos, you need to take good care not to disturb the substance. Asbestos doesn't become dangerous to you unless the fibers are able to enter the air. As long as you don't scrape it or shake it up, there likely will be no problem. If you think you are at risk of asbestos poisoning because you work in and around asbestos regularly, you should have it professionally removed. There are federal regulations you must follow for removing asbestos. They include wearing protective clothing, using respirators and undergoing special training. You should hire someone who knows what he or she is doing to do this for you.