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Appliances are major expense, but for how long should you expect your appliances to perform adequately? A product's useful life depends not only on its actual durability, but also on your own desire for some attribute or convenience. If the object breaks down after the following number of years, it's usually best to purchase a new appliance instead of getting it repair.

clothes dryer need to last for fouteen years.
freezer need to last fifteen years
range, electric and gas should last sixteen years
refrigerator usually last sixteen years
sewing machine last twenty-five years
television,black and white last eleven years
television,color last seven or eight years
toaster manual last about ten years
toaster automatic last seven years
vacuum cleaner,tank last fifteen years
vacuum cleaner,upright last eighteen years
washing machine last eleven years
telephones and cordless last six years
VCR's last thirteen years
stereos last ten years
computers last ten years
irons last five years
air conditioners 14 years