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We have good usable furniture that needs a simple repair. It is not that hard, and will salvage a good functional or sentimental piece. Repairing is not necessarily expensive, however buying a new chair or table will be, and it doesn’t carry the sentimental memories that the old tables and chairs associate in our mind.

Loose Veneer
If the item is severely damaged it may need to be taken to a professional for salvage. However if it a small piece of loose veneer or blistered it can be re-glued.

Remove carefully the loose veneer placing it on a work area that is flat. Scrap off the glue, without using water. Also, remove the leftover glue from the furniture itself. Replace glue on both the furniture and the piece of veneer. This must adhere strongly to the surface, so C clamps or a weight must be used for even pressure. Do not remove until the glue is dry.

Sometimes the veneer is still partially adhered to the furniture use a thin knife or a hypodermic needle to inject wood glue and then clamp.

A blister can be cut with the point of a knife at the side then fill the blister with warm white vinegar and let stand for up to 3 hours, this will dissolve the glue. Using gentle pressure and a clean soft cloth remove as much of the solution as possible, and allow drying. Use a hypodermic needle and push a little glue into the blister. Leave under pressure until the glue is dry.

Re-gluing Wood Furniture Joints
The glue used must be for wood check your label. All old glue must be removed by using sandpaper or steel wool. As mentioned before vinegar will often work to soften old glue. Once glue is removed, make sure area is clean and dry. You will set a “priming” coat of glue first and allow to become “tacky” before spreading on a second coat of glue. Join parts and using pressure with C clamps or small rope as tourniquets then allow it to dry. You will not want to scratch or damage the wood under the clamps consequently, it is a good idea to pad under the clamp with some sort of soft material. Triangles of wood or angle irons may be used to brace weak corner joints.