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The home of my friend is beautiful and I know for a fact that she has decorated her home with items she found at garage sales, flea markets, and estate sales. Who would know it looked as if she had spent tons of money to make her home this appealing. She is not unique, we are all capable of saving money in our home, the difference perhaps, is the desire. She not only has the feeling of pride because her home looks so good, but it was great fun also! It was inexpensive enough that when she grows tired of the current look she can change without breaking the bank.

Learn How!
We should take part in the low-cost learning available to us. Such as, instructional classes on ¡§how to¡¨ at vocational schools, workshops, and libraries, we can develop skills and tools to create and build things ourselves. If you can do it well and please yourself, you may be able to make it for the public and for money!

If you can learn basic sewing skills, the opportunity is open to you to make your own draperies, curtains, spreads, and much more the cost of these pricey items will plummet. Gifts that you have sewn like aprons, place mats, napkins, and pillows make wonderful cheap gifts.

If you have attended a class on drying flowers, you can make your own arrangements. Many times your natural ability comes into play and you need not be instructed, just do it!

Learn to paint and wallpaper yourself, it really is not so hard, take your time, and learn as your go. How pleased you will be when you stand back and admire what you have done, and all on your own. The cost of having this done is very high, and you can save hard earned dollars by doing the job with your own two hands!

Make your life less complicated:
Sometimes we overspend trying to keep up with the neighbors. Try to live a simpler lifestyle, so many of the things we think we ¡§just have to own¡¨ soon becomes clutter in our house. Save money and don¡¦t add to the clutter.

Tips on saving:
„h Refinish your furniture, you may not need new.
„h Start slips from some of your favorite plants, put them in a pretty pot, makes great gifts!
„h Use fewer paper products.
„h Make homemade jams and jellies for gifts.
„h Go out less, plan activities at home. Make long distance calls on weekends when rates are lower.
„h Have a garage sale; sell what you do not need or want.
„h Buy cheaper store brands in cleaning supplies, you can save considerably.