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Planning a seduction? You don't need to hire out the honeymoon suite at an expensive hotel to find the perfect romantic setting. Try these quick tricks for transforming your bedroom from functional to irresistably romantic.

Visual details

The look of the bedroom is all-important. You only have a couple seconds to make the right first impression. There are a couple of cardinal sins which must be avoided at all costs: unsightly clutter (such as dirty clothes and piles of shoes), and families of stuffed toys arranged over the bed. You're aiming for an adult seduction, and reminders of your childhood are out of place here.

Glance around the room. Is it visually pleasing? Rearrange any section of the room that looks overly messy, including the tops of dressers which may be crammed with makeup or ornaments. Once everything is tidy enough, check how welcoming and romantic the room seems. This is the time to add a vase of flowers, set out the candles and perhaps throw a colored chiffon scarf over the lampshade.

Romantic aromas

The sense of smell appeals strongly to the primal side of a man. But many women make the mistake of overdoing the feminine scents in the bedroom: you want the room to be aromatic without smelling like the fragrance section of a department store. Scented candles are perfectly appropriate, but not in combination with an aromatherapy oil burner AND the scent of fresh flowers. This will cram too many fragrance notes into the one space - and your own perfume may well be the final element which makes the whole experience just too overwhelming for him.

So think carefully about the smells you fill your bedroom with. If the flowers don't have a scent, you have more freedom to improvise. A lot also depends on the man: you may want to convey a sense of sophistication, in which case, exotically scented candles may do the trick (experiment with one beforehand to be sure that the smell is exactly what you're looking for). Or you may be faced with a different challenge: a man who will be uncomfortable with too much feminine fuss. In this case, it may be enough to leave the lingering smell of a home-cooked meal pervading your apartment, and forget any flowery props which will make him uneasy.

Final details

Change the sheets, and choose their replacements according to the mood you're trying to create. Sometimes clean, fresh cotton sheets are the most appropriate. If you're looking to create a steamier atmosphere, try some slinky satin sheets and matching pillowcases. For those who want to go the extra mile, try sprinkling the clean sheets with rose petals or perfume as you make up the bed.

What about an icebucket holding a bottle of champagne on the bedside table? A little bowl of special chocolates next to the waiting champagne glasses is also a classy touch. Or set out a luxurious pate or cheese to nibble on during the course of the evening. Have your favourite romantic CD ready to add to the mood.

The right combination of these techniques will transform any bedroom into a romantic hideaway for two.