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This is a sure-fire way of decorating a nursery and making it look good for less. Here are a few easy tips to follow.

#1 Decide which color you want to paint the nursery, preferrably one that goes well with the gender of your baby. Then, find it on sale. Do NOT buy it at a hardware store unless they are having an absolutely wonderful sale or you will end up paying more not less! Search shops that specialize in painting or decorating and compare sales. Look at local department stores, this is where you will usually find it the cheapest. Then, paint the room yourself and save the money that you would have to pay a professional. Believe me, it will turn out just as well. Also, if you would rather wallpaper your nursery, follow the same advice. Instead of setting your sights on the first expensive paper you see, look around. You will probably find one on sale that you like much better!

#2 Why buy expensive border when you can make your own? I borrowed my three year-old sister's feet and hands and made a border of pastel pink, blue, green and white hands and feet around my yellow walls. (The colors are all incorporated in my crib blanket, ruffle, and bumper.) It looks great and all it cost was a few cookies (I had to pay my sister!). As well, you can use stencils to draw, then paint scenes around the walls. Or, if you are not artistically inclined, most wall paper stores will give you free samples of border or wall paper that you like. Then, cut out the pictures, wet and apply around your room. If none of this works for you, then just find the cheapest border possible. After all, in a few years your child will want to redecorate anyway!

#3 By your changing table, crib, and other nursery funiture from a garage sale or consignment store. If you're not comfortable with using those, buy it from a friend who's baby has outgrown it all! If there are any bad scratches or you just don't like the color, sand them down and repaint them to match your nursery!

#4 Make your own crib blanket, ruffle and bumper. Why should you pay upwards of a hundrend dollars when you can go to the nearest discount cloth store and get them to roll you off a section of cloth that is designed for a crib blanket? All you have to do is stitch it up or add lace around the edges! Also, do the same for the ruffle and bumper. If you would rather do it all from scratch, most stores have patterns and cheap cloth that you can purchase with easy to follow guidelines.

#5 Use your grandparents' or parents' old toys from their childhood to add an authentic touch. I have my grandfather's baby blocks from the 1930's. They were once bright red, green, and blue, but the last seventy years has made them a dull pink, green, and blue, working well with my soft pastels! As well, old teddies, tops, or books all work well with most themes in a nursery.

#6 Have fun doing it! Your room doesn't have to cost millions to look like something Martha Stewart would design!