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So you walked into your kitchen and it was dismal, perhaps the counters were cluttered with appliances, or the cabinets were dark or stained. The walls are no longer shiny, and it is depressing to walk into. Why not redecorate your kitchen? Can't afford to. Here are some simple tips to make your kitchen look like new; most can be accomplished in an afternoon.

Start with the walls, a coat of paint will go a long way to brightening a kitchen. If you stick with white or a soft pastel in a high gloss your walls will reflect light and brighten your kitchen. Decide upon a color scheme before you start. If your cabinets are dark or badly stained you may need to paint them to brighten the whole kitchen. There are no rules that say your cabinets have to be the same color as the walls. Try painting your cabinets alternating pastel colors, yellow, green, or blue to contrast with white walls. If you are good with stencils, a white cabinet with a stenciled edge will look very attractive.

If your cabinet doors don't hang well, or are severely cracked, chipped or warped, paint is not going to help. You can remove the doors, and use short curtain rods to hang attractive curtains. If you don't like sewing, purchase white pillowcases (they are usually the right size) dye them to match your walls and hang. Easy access to your cabinets, with the contents well hidden.

Look at why your counter is cluttered. Can you put any appliances away under the counter to get them off the workspace you need? Or consider making a low shelf to stack them on, lift them up to where the top just misses the underside of the overhead cabinets. A rolling microwave cart used as an island can store quite a few appliances, and if you don't put a microwave on top it can double as a counter/workspace. A cutting board placed over an open drawer will give you a little more work area or a convenient place for a quick breakfast with a barstool near by. Decide what will work best for you and your family.

Hanging your pots and pans from a rack on the ceiling can make a so-so kitchen look more open and spacious, just be sure to hang them so the tallest person doesn't bump them, and so the shortest person can reach them.

Take a look for wasted space, and utilize it to the utmost. The space between a refrigerator and a counter can frequently hold a narrow rolling shelf for boxes and cans, freeing up more cabinet space to clear your counters. If you have a window, take a look at the view, if it is attractive, then don't hang a curtain at all, put a few pots of herbs in the window and leave it. Natural light does wonders for dark areas.

Consider the possibility of putting in under the cabinet lighting in. Many can be installed with just a dab of glue, battery powered they will light up the area where you are working. Best of all no electrician needed to wire them into the walls.

Look at your kitchen, decide what will need to be done, and do it. Most kitchen problems can be solved with a little bit of imagination. Use light colors, high gloss paints, and enamels, work with light colors and your kitchen will give you years of pleasure.