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Stenciling designs on a piece of furniture can really add to the piece, and set off the room. Select something with a pattern or color that will blend with the decor of the area. To stencil, you will need a pattern, a piece of cardboard, tracing paper, transfer paper, acetate, a pencil, a craft knife, some tape, some paint and a paint brush. Once you have the items, it's time to get started.

1. Select design
First you need to select a design. You can draw one yourself, or shop around for one at a craft store. It is best to make something that is a decent size. If it is too small, the design might be tough. Paint is difficult to brush in very small grooves.

2. Trace design
Then, you need to trace the design. Take a piece of cardboard and place a piece of acetate on top. Then, lay down the wax-free transfer paper. Then, you will need to place the pattern on top. When you have it in position, tape it down. Make sure they do not move on the cardboard. Then, you can take the craft knife and cut out the pattern.

3. Position design
When the acetate pattern is cut, place it against the wood where you want it. When you have it in place, tape it to the wood. This will allow you to use your other hands to paint.

4. Paint in design
Now, take whatever paint you have chosen and paint in the design. It doesn't matter if you go outside the lines. The stencil will pick up the rest of the paint. Make sure you switch colors if you are making a multi-colored design. Apply one color at a time.

5. Remove stencil
The last step is to remove the stencil, and let the wood dry. Make sure you let it dry for several hours. You do not want to mess up your hard work. To test to see if it is dry, take a cloth to a very small area. If it smudge at all, leave the piece of furniture there for another hour.

If you were careful, you should have a nicely designed piece of furniture.