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If you are one of many who love the soothing sounds of a fountain, but can't afford to pay the prices being asked for larger fountains today, take heart. With the instructions below, you can build a lovely, inexpensive three foot tall fountain and the best part is you can keep inside your home.
To gather the supplies you will need, you will want to visit some of the less expensive stores in your area such as dollar stores or super centers. There you will need to purchase a white plastic bird bath about 2 to 3 feet tall more or less (make sure to get the type that is in two pieces as you will be filling the base), a round white plastic planter pot that you really like (make it as ornate as you wish but be sure the top outer lip of the planter is at least one inch smaller than the diameter of the top part of your bird bath) with a removable base, a round decorative table (the particle board type with screw in round legs is perfect and inexpensive), hot glue gun and glue, decorative silk flowers and running ivy (or any other silk plants you might like to use around your fountain), colored stones for an aquarium (one large bag will do and be sure to get a color that blends with the area you plan to put your fountain in), bagged sand (enough to fill up the base of the bird bath), a textured stone finish spray kit (lighter colors usually work best, a pump kit (I would recommend a medium size pump. Remember this is what will circulate your water), and a package of 2 inch wood screws.
On your way home, if you live close to a lake or creek, you might stop and pick up about two dozen medium size flat stones. If you do not live near water, try to find stones that will not easily disintegrate. Another item that will make your fountain more attractive is a plastic colored bone glass. This is a 16 to 18 inch tall plastic glass, thin in the center and blossomed at both ends. You can usually find these at some local seafood restaurants or bars.
To begin, fill the base of the bird bath with sand and attach the top with three screws. To add extra strength, seal the area with hot glue. Attach the legs to the round table and place it with legs sticking up. Then, using hot glue, secure the base of the bird bath to the center of the inverted table. While the glue sets, invert the planter base and using the tip of your hot glue gun, melt three holes in the part nearest the bird bath. Use these holes to secure the planter base to the bird bath. Next, set the planter inside the inverted base and secure with hot glue. When the structure is secure, move it outside and spray the fountain, following the directions given with your kit, with textured stone finish. Be sure not to spray the inside of the fountain, but do cover the lip. An easy way to do this is by filling the fountain completely to the top with wadded paper.
When this is dry, hot glue the aquarium stones to the inverted table top and take inside. Attach the hose to your pump, secure the pump in the bottom center of the fountain with stones and a small amount of hot glue. Silk flowers and ivy can be added to the bird bath. Ivy, wrapped around the legs of the table gives a beautiful 3D effect to your fountain. If you find a bone glass, the bottom can be removed and it can be hot glued over the pump with the pump hose running through the body of the glass. You can then add flowers to the top of the glass taking care not to block the hose. This gives the fountain a waterfall effect. If not, you can get a similar effect building stones up around the hose in the fountain center. The next step is to add water. Fill the fountain about half full to keep the splash down and I would recommend using bottled water. You are now ready to plug in your fountain and enjoy.