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Do you have an abundance of glass objects around your home? Many of us do, including bottles, vases, ornaments, candle holders, and various containers. Here are some tips on how to "dress up" such objects to use as decorations, gifts, and colorful containers to coordinate with the rooms of your home. Here's how to paint glass.

Creating a colorful glass masterpiece for your home is a lot simpler than you may think. Your local craft store offers a wide variety of coloring tools, including specialized paints for glass surfaces, etching paste, and glass sprays in a variety of colors, stained glass styles, and frosted styles. For the purpose of learning how to color glass, we will focus on two techniques. Once you learn these, the possibilities for using other options will be endless.

The first object we will create is a frosted glass candle holder. You will need a small, wide-mouthed, glass container; frosted glass spray in a color of your choice; and finishing touches such as beads or flat-edged marbles. Use the glass spray in a well-ventilated area. I recommend going outside, setting newspaper on your lawn, and spraying your container there to avoid any lingering spray scent inside your home. Spray the container in a back and forth motion, making sure to cover each area evenly. As you master the art of spraying, you may choose to overlap spray colors, creating a marblized effect. You will need to let the sprayed container dry overnight for best results. Handling the container too soon after spraying will leave fingerprints. Once your container color is set, use a hot glue gun or craft glue to secure your finishing touches. Be sure to choose colored decorations that complement the background color you choose for the glass. To finish, insert a tea light or votive candle into your holder and find the perfect spot for this new decoration in your home.

To learn etching and painting, you may use a clear glass ornament, found in craft stores or a variety of department stores around the holidays. Purchase an etching kit at your local craft store, along with your choice color(s) of paint and a tiny edged paint brush. You will also need small stickers in your choice of shapes. To begin, place the stickers onto the ornament in the pattern you choose. Next, "paint" over the entire ornament using your etching paste. Allow to dry according to package directions. When finished, peel off stickers to reveal a clear design within a frosted background. Using your paint and brush, you can add additional details to your ornament. Even simple painted dots can add a finishing touch to these creations.

Now you have learned to frost, etch, and paint glass decorations. Using these basic instructions, you can continue to create unique decorations for your home or gifts for your friends and family. Vases look amazing when coated in a frosted glass or stained glass spray. Glass table tops can be designed to match your interior home by purchasing glass paint "patterns" at the craft store. Glass paints, which come in an endless variety of colors, will allow you to add detail or create your own patterns for these decorations.