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I recently got fed up with the state of my bedroom and desperately wanted a change. However, I have a serious cash flow problem so it took me a while to do anything about. Then, I realized that there was something that I could do about it and not spend tons of money in the process. So, I re-decorated my bedroom and it only cost me four dollars!
Here are a few pointers to get you started.
Look around your room and decide if there is anything that is distracting from the overall theme of the room. Your great-grandmother's wash stand IS an antique, but does it really go with everything else in your room? No. So, get rid of it...or at least move it to a different room. Now, survey your remaining furniture and accessories and decide which way you can arrange them that will work to make the room look better. I found that by putting my bed catty-corner it looked so much better than settled against the wall. I put several large pillows in different colored pillowcases that matched the colors of my room against the headboard, setting it off perfectly! By putting my bed catty-corner, I found that I had no room between the bed and wall for my nightstands, so I ran to the garage and grabbed the two foot white columns that I used in my wedding and put one on each side of the bed. It looked good, but when I added old books on top it looked marvelous! I also have really nice windows, so I tore down my mini blinds and stashed them away. I then looped gauzy white material down and around my curtain rods, giving it a lazy, yet sophisticated look. (I stole this material from windows in a spare room we never use and put the mini blinds on those windows.) I wanted to do a black and white picture theme in my room but when I got to looking at the prices of these pictures in stores...whew! Not easily dissuaded, I looked through magazines and found black and white pictures of snow-capped mountains, ocean tides washing up against rocks, and a wheat field. I bought black frames at a yard sale for $4 and laid the pictures against white typing paper and framed them.
Now my bedroom is totally re-decorated for next to nothing. True, I splurged for the frames, but a $4 make-over...not bad!
So, you don't have the exact same things lying around your house? No biggy. Look around and use your imagination and you'll be surprised at the great things you'll find. And with a little work and effort, you'll have your home looking great in no time at all.