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If you’re looking for new ways to make your home look more beautiful, you’ll find the tips below useful.

Area Rugs

Area rugs can be used to frame areas like your dining room or a seating group in your living room. They also provide additional warmth and insulation from sound on hardwood, linoleum, or tile floors, not to mention reducing wear on these floors.
Small mats that are made from rattan, rubber, or carpet are useful at your doorways. Medium rugs between 3x5 ft. and 6x9 ft. can be placed under coffee tables or in entryways. You can add a homey touch to your home office by using a large 8x10 ft. or 9x12 ft. rug. Use a chair mat to prevent static around your computer, though.
Choose rugs with colors that match your decorating scheme in your kitchen, bath, living room, and dining room. If you have too many patterns in rugs and furniture, your rooms will look choppy, so choose your favorites. Using two patterns is perfectly okay, though.


You can bring the outdoors into your home by using large plants for screening ugly outside views. Plants can also be used to give more privacy, help control glare, and make your room look softer. Rolling stands are a must for moving large plants for vacuuming and sweeping. Ask your local nursery which plants shed the least and what plants are recommended to match the light levels in your home. Cleaning up after a lot of shedding plants can be very time consuming.

Decorative Items

Reduce clutter by grouping wreaths, dried flower arrangements, and photos or pictures on walls. Add a needlework piece to your walls for distinctive decorating. You can use hanging baskets in your kitchen for fresh fruits and vegetables. Change the wall groupings for a new look. Small shelving units or closed cases are perfect for small and large collectibles.

By using the above ideas, you’ll find that your home feels like new!