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A Nice way to personalize your own stationery and greeting cards is with pressed herbs and flowers. Fennel, lavender, ferns, thyme, pansies, yarrow, rosemary are just a few that are suitable for this project. The only plants that don’t work well are the ones with fleshy leaves and very thick flowers.

Gather your herbs or flowers of choice on a dry, sunny day, and press them as soon as possible. Then you will need some wax paper and some heavy books.

Place your herbs and flowers between two layers of wax paper. Arrange them on there so that they are naturally curved. Make sure none of the plants are touching each other.

Next, weigh each layer with books. The thinnest plants can be pressed between the pages of a heavy book. Now allow the plants to dry thoroughly. This will take 3 to 4 weeks. The longer you leave them, the less the plants fade, but drying them too long can result in brittleness.

If any of the plants are still moist when you check them, leave them drying for a few more days. When they are thoroughly dry, you can store them in transparent envelopes available where photographic supplies are sold.

When you’re ready to attach them to greeting cards or stationery, first mix white glue with a little water. Then, arrange your plants on your stationery in an attractive way. Gently apply a little glue to the back of each plant with a watercolor brush and press in place. Allow to dry thoroughly. That’s all there is to creating your own, lovely personalized cards or stationery with pressed herbs or flowers.