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Home gardeners will love the look of their garden with these decorative plant stakes. Use them in your vegetable garden, container plants, or any area where you want a unique and personal touch. This can also be a great group activity for any age, children through elderly. Imagine using these in a variety of ways: on your deck, porch, garden; really anywhere you have plants. It’s easy and fun.

What you need:
· Wood dowels or stakes
Length should be appropriate to the plant height and sturdy enough to support the plant.
Plain tomato stakes, 1 inch dowels, even old wood handles from brooms or rakes can be used.
· Paint
Craft paint, household paint in your choice of colors.
· Paint applicators- brushes, sponges, cotton applicators
· Sandpaper (optional)
· Spray or brush polyurethane (optional)

Get going!
· If the wood surface is rough, sand it smooth
· Be creative! Decorate the stakes in a variety of colors and patterns
Small pieces of sponge make beautiful patterns.
Cotton applicators dipped in paint will create dots or circles
Make wavy lines, swirls or other patterns with brushes
Make sure the entire piece is covered, or at least the sides that will show
· After paint is dried, it can be sprayed or brushed with a sealer
This preserves the design and the wood
Be sure to use the sealer according to directions, either outside or in a well ventilated area.
· Let the stakes dry thoroughly

The final touch
Place your stakes behind those plants you are supporting
Make sure the stake is firmly anchored deep in the dirt
You can use colorful twine to tie your plant to the stake
Be careful not to tie too tight, allow the plant room to grow

These colorful unique additions are certain to catch the attention of all who visit your home.
As well, you’ll enjoy the creative touch you’ve made every time you’re in your gardens.