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When decorating a room for a young girl, keep in mind her favorite colors, but remember that they'll also probably change as she grows up. Put up posters and pictures, as they are easy to change and replace when her tastes change.

Little girls like pretty beds, so a couple of frilly pillows and some favorite stuffed animals on the bed might be nice. Don't do anything elaborate if she is to make the bed herself, but a couple of decorations are fine.

Instead of putting up wallpaper, which is time consuming and expensive, consider keeping the walls white (or another neutral color) and choosing a matching border to put at the top and/or bottom of the walls. Keep her interests in mind when choosing a patterns, or better yet take her to the store with you to pick one out.

If your girl has lots of stuffed animals and limited shelf space, consider hanging them vertically. Buy a painted chain - available at Home Depot or similar store - and enough clothespins with hooks for each toy to have one. Hang the chain from the ceiling in a corner, clip the animals by the ear or paw, and hang them from the chain. This way, they're easy to reach but don't take up a lot of room.

If you are buying (or making) a dollhouse, try to paper the interior with leftover wallpaper from her room, or the rest of the house. It's fun for her to have a small house in her room that mirrors the big one she lives in.

Get a mobile. They add movement, and fill space that usually goes wasted. Also, they're easy to take down when she gets older and wants different things in her room.

Find creative ways to store toys, art supplies, etc. There are plenty of stacking bins in bright colors that can be added to at a low cost. She'll be more likely to keep her room neat if there are nice places available to conveniently store her stuff.

As your girl grows up, listen to her if she complains about her room. Teens especially will want something different than what they had when they were eight. Consider blacklite responsive items; they're popular with teenagers, and a good blacklite is not expensive.

Most importantly, give your girl a room that reflects who she is, not a picture you saw in a magazine. Keep things simple. Too much clutter is overwhelming and is too difficult to dust!