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Does your home need a little sprucing up? Do you hate the thought of spending a lot of money? Here are some inexpensive ways to make small changes that will have a big impact.

Try changing the throw pillows on your couch, or add an inexpensive slipcover for a totally new look.

Have you had the same piece or pieces on your mantel forever? Try a big mirror leaning against the top. Or showcase a collection, or family photos.

Do you have an empty wall that needs artwork? Rather than buying a pricey piece of art, frame something interesting. How about a collection of postcards or a pretty cloth napkin? For major impact, use black frames and frame 3 or more pieces in a row. This gives the look of a "collection" rather than haphazard pieces.

Are your kitchen cabinets dated? Rather than buying new cabinets, try replacing the hardware with something modern. Try stainless steel or wrought iron. You can also change your kitchen accesories to match the new hardware.

Need a change in the bathroom? Try changing the towels and adding a bright, new shower curtain.

In the bedroom, a new comforter can do wonders for a boring or dated room.

In any room, rather than buying big, inexpensive new pieces, try accesories instead. Don't underestimate the appeal of fresh flowers on a table, and pretty soaps and lotions in a beautiful dish in the bathroom.

Plants add a touch of life to any room. Try draping greenery over cabinets or wall units to add a shot of color to the room.

Candles are another way to change the 'feel" of a room. Arrange 3 candles in a row on a ledge or end table.

In kids rooms, try adding removable decals to the walls and ceiling. (This is also a great way to cover up spots!) Add brightly colored storage containers to store toys and collections for a more orderly looking room.

For the outside of your home, try a window box with flowers.

What to people see when they knock on your front door? How about a beautiful brass knocker and a big "welcome" mat. Make their first impression of your home a great one.

By using a little creativity you can spruce up and accesorize your home without spending a fortune.