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Materials needed

Cellophane (either complete rolls or scraps of leftover cellophane in different colours.)

Small pieces of wool, string or florist's ribbon.

Sweets (small candy-coated or chocolate coated sweets)


Cut the cellophane into small squares, with each side measuring between 6 to 7 centimetres. Later, you may prefer to cut larger squares; it is entirely up to each individual.

1. Cut out as many squares as possible - do not worry about the squares being perfectly aligned - it should be fun and enjoyable to make. The easiest way is to take a length of cellophane and cut it along the width, and then roughly measure off the squares.

2. Cut your pieces of wool (or string, or florist's ribbon) into lengths of 15 centimetre pieces - once again, the exact length will be up to you to decide. (*note: thin strips of gold or silver florist's ribbon looks spectacular with this decoration, but if your budget does not allow for this, stick to scraps of wool.)

3. Take one of the cellophane squares and place a sweet in the centre of the cellophane square.

4. Gather up all the sides of the cellophane to form a pouch, the sweet being inside the pouch.

5. Hold the ends together with and tie the piece of wool around the part of the cellophane that covers the sweet, leaving a frill of cellophane at the top.

6. Tie the loose ends of the wool to form a loop.

7. Your decoration is complete - all you have to do is to hang it on your Christmas Tree!

Just a word of warning: these decorations disappear fast with children around! Make additional pouches and keep them hidden until needed.

It's a great way to greet visitors over the festive season - present each with tiny pouch off the tree.

Optional: instead of sweets, or in addition to sweets: use dried pieces of fruit, bilton (jerky) or anything else that is small, edible and non-perishible.