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Bathtub faucets are much like sink faucets. A series of handles, screws, locknuts, washers and valves meet the piping. The only difference with a bathtub faucet is that some have diverters to move the water to the shower
spout. Below is a list of the two different types of faucets. They work the same, except one has washers, and the other does not.

Keep in mind this does not determine what type of handle system you can have. Whether you have a single-handle, dual-handle, or three-handle system, your faucet will work the same. The handles just determine how water flows to your shower.

1. Compression tub faucet
A compression tub is made up of a cap, screw, handle, escutcheon, locknut, o-ring, stem, washer, screw, and valve eat. If you place the parts in this order and connect them, they will make a handle that will turn your water on and off. This faucet works by turning the faucet clockwise or counterclockwise.

2. Washerless tub faucet
A washerless tub is just that, is has similar parts as the compression faucet, but without washers. It is made of a setscrew, diverter valve, cap, screws, escutcheon, friction ring, mounting screws, cartridge, inlet seals, and a valve body. Again, by placing these together in this order, you can move the handle up or down to make water come on or stop.

Modern shower faucets will also usually have an anti-scalding device. As it sounds, this will keep your water from getting so hot it burns you. Some faucets will also have digital thermostats. These will set the temperature of the water to your request. You will need to check the battery in the valves regularly. The battery should be tested about every 6 months.