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You will need:
3-1lb skeins white or green yarn
1 4x4 inch square of stiff cardboard
1 wire hanger
3 pkg jingle bells
6 small ornaments
1 ready made bow, any color
hot glue gun
2 hot glue sticks

1. Shape the wire hanger into a circle and the top into a loop. This is how you will hang your wreath.
2. Beginning with the end of yarn in the middle, wrap yarn around cardboard square 30 times and cut. Tie in middle. Repeat until all yarn is used. Do not cut long pieces of yarn from around the middle.
3. Tie each one of the little skeins around the wire hanger, making sure that the wreath is tight and full.
4. When you have completed tying the yarn on the wire wreath, glue jingle bells scattered on the wreath. Glue ornaments on wreath and then place bow on bottom and glue there.
5. Hang wreath.