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Sure, chocolate and flowers are romantic, but here are some other romantic ideas for Valentines Day gifts for your sweetheart.

--Frame a picture of yourself in a heart shaped frame. Write a personal message on the back.

--Write your sweetheart a love letter on white paper with red ink. Seal it with a kiss.

--Give "love coupons" that you print on your computer. Make them good for a hug, a back rub, or whatever.

--Cook and serve your sweetheart a special dinner by candelight and play romantic music.

--Arrange for a musician (or even a local college music major) to serenade your sweetheart at his/her window.

--There are companies that will come to your house and put a dozen wooden hearts on your lawn...arrange to have this be the first thing your sweetheart sees in the morning.

--Bring your sweetheart breakfast in bed and then do the dishes.

--A single rose with a love note attached can mean more than a whole bouquet.

--Tie a dozen red balloons to the bumper of your sweethearts car, or have them delivered to him/her at work.

--Plant a tree in honor of your sweetheart.

--Make a donation to a charity your sweetheart is interested show's you care and are listening.

--Make a list of all the things you love about your sweetheart and give it to him/her.

--Give your sweetheart a bubble bath.

--Take the kids for the day and let your sweetheart do whatever he/she wants.

--Buy your sweetheart a day at a relaxing spa for two.