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Decorative straw hats have been a popular item for decorating homes both indoors and out. These wall hangings are simple to make and offer the freedom for you to choose your own color scheme to match your current surroundings.

Materials you will need:

One straw hat (most craft stores offer a variety of sizes)
Roll of 3-4 inch wide lace
Bag of spanish moss
Your choice of silk or dried flowers. It is best to choose a variety of sizes.
Premade bow in color of your choice. Three feet of ribbon in matching color.
Hot glue gun


Sew a basic basting stitch by machine or by hand through the center of the lace. Pull the ends of thread to gently gather the material.

Place hat on flat surface. Continue to gather lace, measuring around the center (raised area) base of the hat. Secure the lace in place with glue gun. Note: the place where the ends of lace meet will be the bottom of the hat when it hangs. Leave a small, open area here that is free of other elements - this is where you will secure your ribbon.

Gently separate small, wispy bunches of spanish moss. Glue into place over top of lace. (Moss should be in thin layers and should not "cover up" the lace).

Separate flowers and arrange in a pattern over top of spanish moss. It is best to spread out the larger flowers and use smaller items as fillers. Secure into place with glue gun.

Cut ribbon into even strips (2-4) and secure into place, hanging off edge of straw hat. Glue bow into place over top of ribbon strips.

Hang straw hat in area of your choice!

Variations: straw hats do not have to be made using only flowers. You may choose to add small painted wooden cutouts, cloth designs, ribbon, or other elements that are more fitting to the area you plan to hang your hat. Experiment with different styles and textures to match holidays or surroundings.