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A sun catcher is an easy and fun project for kids, with minimal help from you, and they can make several sun catchers and give them as gifts.

What You Will Need:

Two large, same size pieces of waxed paper
Crayons of different colors
Crayon sharpener or a vegetable grater
An iron
A stack of newspapers

What You Will Do:

Lay newspapers on the table. Place one of the pieces of waxed paper on the newspaper. Meanwhile, have your child sharpen the crayons over a large paper plate. Or grate the crayons with a vegetable grater. Then sprinkle the shaved crayon bits all over the wax paper on the table. Sprinkle the glitter on top of the crayons. Put the second piece of waxed paper on top of the crayon and glittered one.

Meanwhile, heat your iron on a medium heat. Iron the wax paper together lightly. Be sure to check often so it isn’t burning. Stop ironing when the paper is stuck together and the crayons have melted.

Let it cool. Now, with a good scissors, have your child cut the stained glass sheet into shapes. Small round shapes, heart shapes, diamond shapes or stars would all be good for a sun catcher. Punch a hole in the cutout and string a ribbon or yarn through it. Hang the sun catcher in your child’s bedroom window.

Your child will enjoy making a sun catcher to catch the rays of the sun. And grandma would love to have receive one of these sun catchers to hang in her window as well!