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You will need 1 sewing kit that contains the following:
· 1 sewing needle
· # of buttons missing (Did you save the extra button that came with your shirt?)
· Thread to match your button
· 1 toothpick (this won’t be in the kit)

You can purchase sewing thread kits from most drug stores.

Follow each of these steps to sewing on your buttons.
1. Cut 24” – 26” of thread.
2. Thread the needle. If you are having difficultly, try using the needle threader that came in the kit. The needle threader is the small metal piece with the attached wire that forms a diamond. Put the diamond shaped wire completely through the hole of the needle. Put the thread through the diamond shaped wire. Pull the wire and thread through the needle hole
3. Pull the thread so that the ends meet. Now you have a double thick thread.
4. Tie a knot at the end with both ends. The best way to make this knot is by wrapping you finger, but this may take some practice. Wrap using both ends 1 time around your left index finger tip. Press your index finger and thumb together while moving your thumb to the right and your index finger to the left.
5. Prick the button position mark on the shirt with the needle and pull the needle through.
6. Trim the thread close to the knot for a better finish.
7. Pull the needle through the button from bottom to top. You can start with any hole.
8. Take the needle through the button from the top to bottom. For 4 hole buttons – go through the hole that is diagonal from the 1st hole that you used. For 2 hole buttons – go through the 2nd hole
9. Prick the button position mark again while slipping the toothpick in between the button and the shirt. The toothpick will insure that you don’t sew the button on too tightly.
10. For 2 hole buttons – repeat steps 5, 7, 8 & 9 2 more times
11. For 4 hole buttons, go through 1 of the unused holes from the bottom to top. Go through the last hole from top to bottom.
12. For 4 hole buttons – repeat steps 5, 7, 8, 9 & 11 2 more times
13. Take out the toothpick
14. Wrap the thread around the thread attaching the button 5 times. This will make a shank for buttons that don’t have a shank. A shank allows room for the fabric to fit in between the button and the button attachment at the fabric.
15. Prick 1/16” of the fabric at the button position mark 3 times. This will secure the thread for finishing.
16. Cut the thread.


Buttons that come off usually are a result of clothing manufacturers not use the best machinery. The best attached buttons are X-stitched (the button thread forms an X). The buttons that are II-stitched (the button thread forms a II) come off easily. When you are shopping for a new shirt, look for buttons that are X-stitched.