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Crafting can become more than a hobby. It can become a way of supporting yourself or making extra money on the side. Crafting has become a large past time in the last few years and it is not uncommon to find people across America who do nothing but craft to make a living.

How does it work?

Real "crafters" know what will be a good selling item and what will sit on the self forever. It's not really so hard to do if you don't have a built-in radar for such things. Just scan local craft stores or your friends and relatives homes to see what everyone is buying or selling.

How do you make money?

The key is to make items that cost next to nothing. For instance, grape-vine wreaths cost you no money to make (decorative items not included), just your time and energy to find, cut, style these vines found in nature. So, your work aside, it is 100% profit. The same applies for all crafts that you want to make. Even if you can't make 100% profit, you need to figure in costs and then decide if the going price after that is even worth your effort. In some cases it isn't.

What are hot items that sell?

As already stated, homemade grape-vine wreaths are a big seller, especially around Christmas. You can make these yourself by finding the needed grape vines in surrounding wooded areas, then styling yourself. These you can sell plain or add a little style and up the price a bit.

Clay flower pots are another hot item.

Clay pots bought at the end of a season are your best bet. Yes, you will have to sit on them until next spring/summer, but your profit margin is more if you buy them out of season and wait to sell them in season. What do you do with them? You paint them! Paint them different colors, add border, flowers, scenery, or most anything you can imagine. You don't have to be artistically inclined, either. Buy a stencil and do it that way!

Another hot item using clay pots is a wind chime. Using one large, one medium, and one small pot, twine, and a little paint and decor and you have a wonderful country chime that will sell anywhere!

Homemade pot pourri is another hot item. Using wild flowers and a little scent, you can have wonderful smelling, fresh pot pourri that is almost 100% profit. (You only have to dish out for a baggie and a little scent.)

Wooden crafts are a great seller anywhere you go. From statues and figurines to clocks and treasure boxes, they are sure to go fast.

If you use your imagination and a little thought, you can create crafts that are beautiful to look at and wonderful sellers.