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If you've been looking for a new outlet for your artistic talents, scrapbooking may be the craft for you! Scrapbooking is an innovative version of the family photo album, and the three elements of scrapbooking - photography, design, and journaling - provide plenty of stimulation to get those creative juices flowing.

One of the primary goals of scrapbooking is to showcase your photographs. After spending time poring over pictures trying to find the perfect shots for a page, you will see for yourself what works and what doesn't work in your photographic techniques. Plus, seeing your photos artfully arranged on a page may inspire you to set up your own photo shoots; to experiment with different film speeds, uses of flash, and exposures; or to branch out into black and white photography.

After selecting the photos you want to work with, it's time to put on your graphic designer hat. Your goal is to arrange the photos and decorative elements such as colorful paper and stickers so that the focus remains on the photographs. It is also important to achieve a level of balance so that when people are looking at the layout, one side doesn't appear heavier than another. Part of the challenge and enjoyment of scrapbooking is using your design skills to turn ho-hum pages into fabulous photo spreads.

Journaling is often the finishing touch for many scrapbookers. However, it is a critical step for preserving your memories. It may be as simple as a photo caption describing the who, what, where, when, and why of a celebration. It can also be an elaborate story detailing an event from start to finish, or just a collection of memorable highlights. It offers a great opportunity for wannabe writers to put their thoughts onto paper without having to worry about a critical audience.

No matter which element of scrapbooking catches your initial interest, as you immerse yourself into this craft, you won't be able to resist the allure of the many creative aspects of scrapbooking!