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Here are two simple, inexpensive sewing projects for those who have little skill, time or money. Each of these take an afternoon, and
you honestly don't have to leave your house to buy one thing. Raid your linen closet or attic; find those sheets, towels, tablecloths
and fabric remnants you've saved because you couldn't bear to throw them out or give them away. Add those old flat bed pillows still
in use, and you have all you need to get started.

Best Throw Pillows Ever

2 old and flat bed pillows
(Twin size normally measure 18 x 27)
1/2 yard of 60 inch wide material
(Heavy fabric like old table cloths works best)
You can also buy a remnant upholstery or drapery fabric
for less than $5.00

Place the pillows on top of one another, then place onto fabric. This gives you an idea if you have enough to work with. With right sides together, sew the 2 short sides and one long side. Sew the second long side, but leave the center open approximately 12 inches. Turn the material right side out. Since the pillows are flat, they easily fold to insert into the cover. Smooth the pillows out inside the cover.
Turn the open edge to the inside, pin, machine or hand stitch closed.

I made these pillows myself. I bought a yard of remnant upholstery
fabric from a department store and used four old twin pillows.
Total cost $5.00 (for material)
Total time 2 to 3 hours (allowing for interuptions)
Bigger than a normal throw pillow and totally comfortable!!!

Easy Elegant Placemats

Old bath towels, preferably light in color
Sheet or tablecloth, any print or color.
You could buy remnant material here as well, one yard may cost
as little as $2.00

For each placemat you will need two pieces of fabric and one piece
of towel cut to 14 x 10 inches. Sew the three pieces together by layer -
place the 2 fabric pieces with right sides together, then layer the towel on top. Sew the two short sides and one long side. Sew the second long side leaving the center open approximately 6 inches. Trim the seams to 1/2 inch if desired. Turn the material right side out, steam press to flatten.
Turn the open edge to the inside, pin, machine or hand stitch closed.

The placemats look great. Best of all, they are machine washable
and won't shrink. Checked, gingham, or flowered sheets are good choices for fabric. Total cost less that $5.00 (for material). Total time 3 to 4 hours

The best part about both these projects is the minimal investment
you made. Using what you have, make easy, quick changes to your home.
You'll be surprised at the results.